Research & Development

In times of short product lifecycles, technology and the rapid development of innovations, it is becoming increasingly important to remain competitive via research and tests.
Irrespective of whether tests, product comparisons or benchmark-supported innovation management: we provide individual vehicles or vehicle fleets configured precisely matched to all model criteria, configuration features and extras relevant for you.
Here, we maintain our own high demands regarding the quality and implementation of the specific requirements. As a reliable and experienced partner with regard to vehicle procurement, we not only draw on our own fleet, but can also provide vehicles from all over Europe or other continents as desired by you for rental or also for purchasing via our long-standing contacts to dealers and importers.
Our comprehensive advice and experience enable you to save valuable time, staff and costs. We always focus on your project and you as a customer in our work, enabling you to rely on comprehensive service.

Nowadays, vehicles are “mobile computers”, primarily resulting in the development of innovative operation and connectivity solutions such as displays and multimedia connections. To this end, we provide you with vehicles with comprehensive, specific configuration.
Cars should still demonstrate optimised handling, consumption and acoustic values, making it possible for us to offer you vehicles with selected chassis or special drive concepts. Here, we observe equivalent options from various manufacturers whilst complying with your benchmark.
If you desire, we refit your vehicle with individual components, enabling you to realise your project trouble-free in the short-term.
Our expertise ranges above and beyond vehicle procurement. If you only need individual parts or assemblies, we can also provide them for you. Starting with the elaboration of your rough idea via the procurement of the components needed up to safe and efficient logistics, we take care of your needs.
You have diverse requirements - our possibilities to procure vehicles are equally varied. Therefore, you can obtain vehicles from us for all conceivable areas of use, for example:

- Consumption-monitoring test drive                                  
- Vehicle trials
- Acoustic measurements                                                  
- Chassis development
- Exhaust emission measurements                                     
- Brake testing
- Endurance tests                                                               
- Tyres testing
- Quality check                                                                                 
- Durability tests
- Product development                                                       
- Oil examinations
- NVH analysis (Noise Vibration Harshness)                      
- Compare trips
If vehicles with different brands and categories are needed, our claim is to offer them as similar as possible. When procuring vehicles, we always observe that we provide you with vehicles with the necessary specifications for your application, for example:

- Motorisation (eg. fuel, hybrid, electrical, diesel, fuel cells)
- Wheel-tire combinations (eg. with / without runflat) 
- Transmission (eg. manual, automatic and sequential) 
- Suspension (eg. sports, air damping adjustment) 
- Configuration (eg. matrix LED headlights, sport seats)
- Assistance systems (eg. lane assist, park assist, exit alert)
- Multimedia solutions (eg. smartphone connectivity, Internet, APPs)

In the unlikely event that a vehicle is not available with the desired specifications or vehicles are not available as needed on the market, we arrange the refitting so that you can perform your project trouble-free. For example, this includes the following refitting:

- Suspension                           
- Brake systems                              
- Wheel-tire combinations
- Exhausts                               
- Interior (e.g. seat groups)             
- Individual engine components