Nowadays it is normally no longer sufficient to procure specific vehicles and to deliver them to their place of destination because a significant part of the work is done locally and comprises a considerable factor of your project. You have to invest time, manpower and further capital for handling vehicles locally, thus interrupting the workflow of the project you are realising. Equally, you have to acquire further know-how in the operation of modern vehicles and, when needed, have no local contact person.
We have recognised this and therefore offer you car handling and car care expertise in order to be able to attend to you throughout the entire project process, thus saving you a large amount of time and nerves. Moreover, you receive everything from one single source and in accustomed quality, you can also rely on us in this respect.
Our car handling service, which you can in-part receive all-inclusive or at highly attractive rates deals, for example, with the following:

- Fleet management                              
- Vehicle preparation                     
- Garage Service
- Car Clinic Setup                                  
- Route preparation                       
- Driving event Coordination
A detailed excerpt from our car handling & car care service

- Personal local vehicle collection including control 
- Key handling including documents
- Vehicle positioning down to the millimetre at the event location
- Vehicle line-up in attractive formations 
- Unobtrusive connection of electricity maintenance devices 
- Constant external and internal preparation 
- As applicable, checking and improving draping or foils
- Vehicle instruction (e.g. for connectivity solutions)
- Constant repositioning & system configuration for dynamic events
- Route preparation including road book and navigation planning 
- Petrol service during an event or nitrogen inertisation at a CarClinic 
- Responsible prototype handling 
- Speedy & uncomplicated provision of replacement vehicles in case of failure
- Mobile wheels change & garage service 
- 24h emergency hotline & support