Market research is a key component for the success of a specific vehicle model and the entire company in the automotive industry. Therefore, both objective and subjective analyses must be conducted during all market launch phases, from the pre-launch via the launch itself up to the post-launch. Here, the test persons scrutinise the vehicles statically and / or dynamically precisely.
Due to our experience, we are aware of the fact that market research has changed considerably during the course of time. Not only the degree of complexity has increased, but also the expenditure, time and capital factors have changed.
Correspondingly, we have adapted our range of services to these requirements and we take on the work from you and relieve work with the vehicles, enabling you to concentrate fully on your qualitative and / or quantitative market research.
Therefore we are more than a classical vehicle supplier, we act as a competent partner during the entire course of the project and naturally also during local fieldwork.
We stand for quality throughout the entire course of the process, thus distinguishing ourselves from the competition. This already commences with detailed vehicle research for your initial pitch, even enabling you to make agreements with your customer in advance.
At the same time, our vehicles always meet your requirements, starting with the body shape and colour up to the corresponding configuration and multimedia equipment.
We also provide highly professional draping, debadging or window tinting from a single source, whereby we pay attention to the use of high-quality materials and precise workmanship.
We always deliver just-in-time and also take care of the structure of the set with alignment of the competitor’s vehicles precise to the millimetre, but also for the prototypes. As quickly as we deliver and construct, we take care of dismantling and return transport punctually.
We are happy to support you during the entire fieldwork period, for example with regular cleaning and follow-up inspection of the vehicles for static market research or constant repositioning for dynamic road trials.
Your complex requirements are our quality claim which we wish to do justice to ourselves. We not only constantly expand our range of services and accommodate your individual wishes. For us, other features such as:

- Quality                                                   
- Individuality                                          
- Discretion - Loyalty                                                   
- Flexibility                                              
- Constant availability - Competence                                          
- Conscientiousness                               
- Punctuality 
- Reliability                                               
- Efficiency                                              
- Safety

Our additional performance portfolio meets all conceivable requirements for modern market research, enabling us to offer you the following service for your future CarClinic:

For example, if you are conducting market research on the sense of spaciousness or circumferential visibility we can conceal the vehicle from outside and / or inside by draping it. Here, we cover the interior or exterior professionally with high-quality material.
Test persons should assess the vehicles independent of their manufacturer, but brand emblems on the body, the steering wheel, the wheel rims and further parts of the vehicle may influence objectivity. This is the reason why we cover or remove the emblems from all visible positions, as when debadging.
Some studies focus on the body shape or else the prototype doesn’t yet have an interior. For this purpose, we foil all the windows with opaque film from inside or outside, thus averting prying eyes. 

Our comprehensive services at a glance 

1. Advice to the requested specifications, adapted to your prototype
2. As applicable, mediation of a fitting location, exhibition construction or technical equipment
3. Procurement of vehicles and coordination of the vehicle specifications
4. As applicable, refitting the vehicles, with regard to wheel rims, headlights, interiors & glass
5. Coating individual parts of vehicles in the vehicle’s colour up to full coating
6. Professional vehicle preparation
7. As required: debadging, draping and window tinting (in advance or on-site)               
8. Logistics in a closed lorry or trailer for efficient set-up      
9. Positioning and finish up to your final approval, nitrogen inertisation as required                            
10. Support during the entire fieldwork period and punctual dismantling directly after the fieldwork

Included and free service package with electricity maintenance devices, embossed identifiers and also go-jacks for positioning the prototype.