About Us

Who is JB CarConcept or rather who is behind it? Firstly, there is Dennis Jarzombek – for this business economist, who was born in Hilden in 1983, everything has been centred around the automobile world, since his first time training to be a car salesman.

Once he had completed this training he stayed in the firm in which he did his training and worked initially in the planning for its marketing area. Here he was already responsible for the competent supervision of the affiliated partners in all business areas and for securing the optimal presence of the partners. Following on from this he worked as a representative of the management for various areas of responsibility.

In 2006 Dennis Jarzombek started his business as a second job and in doing so created the foundation for JB CarConcept. With his company JD Automotive he was in charge of acquiring vehicles for market research, test purposes, training and also film and photography. He was also in charge of transporting vehicles Europe-wide and in this way he accrued his first experience in the areas of business which JB CarConcept encompasses. 

On 01/08/2012 they both formed Böttcher & Jarzombeck GbR and currently form the team behind JB CarConcept. They are now work together to see to the compotent and timely care and support of customers, in order to meet the gorwing demand and existing need for specialised vehicles for a variety of projects.

In their work, they draw on many years of experience and widespread, excellent contacts within the automotive industry and dealers. This in combination with the direct contacts, quick decision making and an extraordinary orginisational structure allows them to work with a high degree of professionalism, reliability and felxibility, in order to achieve an above-average rate of procurement.  

With passionate commitment, friendliness, first class logic, discretion and fair prices, they aim to please you.

JB CarConcept look forward to hearing from you!